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                    Leading Agile, Efficient, and Secure Mobile Government

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                    Increasing Cyber Threats Demands More Focus on Security

                    As government agencies collect and share more digital information, the number of cyber attacks is on the rise too. Threats against public safety, citizen privacy and national security will continue to emerge due to more data being stored online and the increasing cost of an attack.

                    Field-proven solutions from BlackBerry? can help government agencies develop a comprehensive, integrated approach to security to protect highly confidential data and communication,?especially in these unprecedented times of uncertainty and remote working situations.



                    of citizens think increased use of technology by police, border agencies and government as a whole will make them more secure1


                    of citizens are less confident today than 12 months ago in government’s ability to protect against cyber threats and attacks1

                    In the News: BlackBerry Establishes New Subsidiary to Better Serve the U.S. Government

                    Headquartered in Washington, D.C., BlackBerry Government Solutions is a new independent wholly-owned subsidiary that will accelerate BlackBerry’s Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)?initiatives and deepen ties with U.S. federal agencies.

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                    Secure Confidential Information

                    Leverage proven BlackBerry data protection capabilities, such as secure containers, military-grade encryption, secure network operations center (NOC), and app-level security policies to safeguard your most sensitive data.


                    of the G7 Governments and 16 of the G20 governments trust BlackBerry

                    NIAP Certification

                    BlackBerry UEM was the first National Information Assurance Partnership (NIAP) certified endpoint management solution. SecuSUITE is the only NIAP certified voice solution to also be offered on the NATO Restricted Approved Product Catalogue. Both support iOS and Android.

                    80+ security certificates

                    more than any other mobile vendor

                    FedRAMP Authorized Services

                    BlackBerry? AtHoc is a FedRAMP-authorized?crisis communication platform. The BlackBerry? Government Mobility Suite is a FedRAMP?Authorized endpoint management solution and BlackBerry Protect is FedRAMP Authorized endpoint security.


                    NATO communications and information (NCI) Agency uses BlackBerry UEM and SecuSUITE to encrypt communications and voice conversations of its technology and cyber leaders wherever they communicate.

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                    FedRAMP Authorized Endpoint Management

                    While governments are making great strides in digital transformation, and leveraging “things” in the process, they’ve tended to adopt point solutions, or a patchwork approach, to secure these innovations.

                    The BlackBerry? Government Mobility Suite is a cloud-based endpoint management solution, offering a single, integrated view of users, devices, applications and policies within your IT environment.

                    Customers can use the BlackBerry Government Mobility Suite to unify endpoints across all ownership models and operating systems, while securing sensitive data. It’s deployed in the Microsoft? Azure FedRAMP approved Government cloud as a multi-tenant, government-only community cloud deployment model.

                    Learn about the BlackBerry Government Mobility Suite

                    Protect Your Organization with an Endpoint-to-endpoint Approach

                    BlackBerry offers solutions to identify and mitigate cybersecurity threats with consulting services and tools tailored to your needs. Services include mobility diagnostics, penetration testing, forensic services and IT security training.

                    Learn about BlackBerry Cybersecurity Consulting

                    Prevent Cyberattacks with AI

                    For attackers, no target is more prized than government agencies. Elite teams execute relentless state-sponsored attacks that result in breaches and compromised systems. Hardening government assets to thwart cyberattacks requires a new, AI-based model of threat prevention. Cylance solutions protect federal high-value assets (HVAs) with endpoint AI that evolves daily, preventing cyberattacks from ever being successful.

                    Learn about BlackBerry Cylance

                    Support All Devices and Ownership Models

                    BlackBerry ? UEM is designed to protect an expanding set of applications, devices and endpoints across your organization to manage and secure all your endpoints, while protecting against data breaches and cybersecurity threats. It supports Entrust Datacard?for user authentication – the same credential management system trusted by governments and enterprises around the world.

                    Adaptive security and AI to protect all your mobile endpoints is made possible with?BlackBerry Persona.?IT can dynamically adapt the security requirements and behaviour of enterprise devices and apps to each user’s real-world experience and risk score. Real-time risk scores are determined using AI, combined with spatial data.

                    Watch the Video Learn about BlackBerry UEM Learn about BlackBerry Persona
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                    Multi-Platform Secure Voice and Text

                    Where there’s the greatest threat, you need the highest security. SecuSUITE? is a leading solution for end-to-end encryption of voice calls and text messages. Used by more than 20 governments across the globe, it safeguards sensitive conversations against electronic eavesdropping. SecuSUITE is listed on both the NIAP Product Compliant List (PCL) and NSA Commercial Solutions for Classified Program (CSfC) List.

                    Learn about SecuSUITE
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                    Networked Crisis Communication for Critical Events

                    BlackBerry? AtHoc networked crisis communication unifies critical communications within and between organizations, their people, devices, and external entities. It’s the most secure solution in the market, exceeding industry and government requirements including NIST SP800. BlackBerry AtHoc is also a FedRAMP Authorized crisis communication service, used and trusted by 70% of US Federal Government employees.

                    Learn about BlackBerry AtHoc
                    Personnel Accountability

                    BlackBerry AtHoc Account enables real time visibility into personnel location and status for effective crisis management. It empowers commanders to determine which personnel are safe and which need immediate response.

                    Interoperable Communication

                    BlackBerry AtHoc Connect helps enable shared situational awareness with HQ or across networked organizations bridging all government and commercial entities and strengthening coordination when every second counts. It helps meet specific government requirements outlined in H.R.615.

                    Agency-Wide Mass Communication

                    Communicate via all channels (telephone, smartphone, networked computers, mobile devices), to contact personnel across the entire organization. Alerts may also be sent using this emergency notification system to sirens, radios, fire panels, radio and TV systems, digital displays and similar mass communication devices.

                    Public Safety Warnings

                    Get the message out consistently with mass notifications across both public broadcasts and personal communications such as email, phone and mobile devices. BlackBerry AtHoc allows agencies to share authoritative information with the public in real time during crises and to integrate with FEMA's IPAWS to reach the public via CMAS/WEA, EAS and NOAA HazCollect (in the US).

                    Success Stories

                    When you’re running an event as complex as the G7 Summit, nothing ever goes exactly as planned. Anything can happen. BlackBerry AtHoc helps ensure that no matter what issues we encounter, we’re ready to address them quickly and efficiently.

                    Michel Bouvier

                    Chief of Operations, Summit Integrated Command Center
                    Global Affairs Canada’s Summits Management Office

                    In Canada and in the United States – the governments are using BlackBerry technology. So, if they’re using that, and if they’re willing to sit with us and create the model for indigenous people, then it’s as secure as it can get anywhere.”?I have a single Emergency Manager that covers the entire garrison from Grafenwoehr to Garmisch. Anything we can do that allows other trusted agents to assist managing our administrative data input for our communication capability will allow [Kim] more time to focus on other aspects of our Protection Program.

                    Joseph Tokwiro Norton,

                    Grand Chief, Mohawk Council of Kahnawake

                    We needed a technology partner to be just as flexible, agile, and innovative as our project was. We wanted to do extraordinary things out-of-the-box without having to invent a wheel. We looked for companies that could meet our rigorous demands, and found that with AtHoc.

                    Bob Pessemier,

                    Senior Technology Consultant, WA-COP

                    With AtHoc’s capabilities, we’re able to get alerts out much quicker than we used to and coordinate a far more effective response to emergencies. When it comes to incidents where lives are at stake, that’s a level of value you cannot truly quantify.

                    Thomas Brewer,

                    GIS Technology Officer, MEMA

                    Emergency notifications that used to take us 90 minutes to deploy are now communicated within 90 seconds using AtHoc.

                    Maxim Zakurdaev,

                    Enterprise Architect and Technical Product Management, Canada House of Commons

                    AtHoc Connect is helping us bridge a serious communications gap between people who are located physically close to each other in the same facility, but on different networks. The most important feature for us is security of communications, and the Connect network is certainly secure.

                    Eddie Herchert,

                    Systems Engineer, Pentagon Force Protection Agency

                    We are happy with BlackBerry. The intuitive nature of their platform, its ability to support every device, and its high security are all the encouragement we need to stick with it.

                    Laurence Arterton,

                    Head of Client Support and ICT Services, UNISON