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                    Business Continuity in Uncertain Times

                    Keep employees safe and operations running

                    BlackBerry offers a range of security, communication and productivity solutions so you can empower and protect your employees while they're working outside the office.

                    Is Your Organization Prepared?

                    In a situation where it may be unsafe for employees to report to work, working virtually while having secure access to resources allows productivity to be maintained. By proactively ensuring your organization is prepared for a broader work from home requirement, you can avoid business disruption and protect employees.

                    COVID-19 and Business Continuity: Resource Center

                    Empower your employees to work securely from personal laptops

                    BlackBerry offerings for desktop can turn any home laptop into a remote work laptop. There’s no need to manage devices—managing the browser is all it takes.?

                    • Simple onboarding and offboarding – all a user needs is a link and an activation code to begin working remotely
                    • No VPN required — traffic is securely routed and data is encrypted
                    • Secure access to productivity apps?— Email, Calendar and secure browser for corporate web based apps
                    • Microsoft? Office — easily integrated with existing on-prem or Microsoft? Office 365?

                    Send mass notifications and collaborate in times of crisis

                    Stay informed and effectively communicate with your employees and stakeholders. Ensure they receive critical messages while also providing you with their status, enabling you to make more informed decisions about your operations.

                    • Rapidly alert recipients - via SMS, mobile app, and?secure email
                    • Target?notification recipients - by location or groups
                    • Account for employees - stay apprised of employee status, take steps to prevent the spread of illness and avoid loss of productivity

                    Keep employees productive with secure mobile apps

                    Enabling communication, workflows and data access on users’ devices of choice can increase employee productivity and satisfaction, regardless of physical location.

                    • Communications – Enterprise email, calendar and contacts
                    • Corporate data – Secure mobile browser, Web apps and Intranet
                    • Video conferencing – Keep employees connected

                    Download common productivity apps or build your own using the BlackBerry? Dynamics? platform.?

                    Prevent breaches and safeguard against sophisticated threats

                    In times of crisis, it can be even more important to keep your endpoints protected and prevent a loss in data or productivity. BlackBerry? Protect lets you get in front of malicious cyber attacks with AI-driven security that prevents attacks before they can damage your devices, network or reputation.

                    • Protects endpoints against malware and phishing attacks
                    • Prevents common and unknown threats without a cloud connection
                    • Safeguards against script-based, fileless, memory and external device-based attacks

                    Keep employees connected with high security voice & messaging

                    Where there’s the greatest threat, you need the highest security. Communication on mobile devices can be vulnerable to hacking and eavesdropping. It’s essential for organizations in high-security environments to safeguard these sensitive communications to prevent impact to workflows and data.?

                    SecuSUITE? offers a way to protect against cyberattacks and secure communications.

                    • High security voice and messaging for iOS and Android – Conduct secure voice and data communications using off-the-shelf devices
                    • End-to-end security – SecuSUITE creates a hyper-secure network connection between every user of the application